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XtraClean Eco Pack 100ml Concentrate with EMPTY Handspray & Trigger

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XtraClean is a biodegradable pro-biotic all purpose cleaner and deodoriser for all-general purpose cleaning. Uniquely formulated using safe bacterial cultures, XtraClean digests and eliminates organic and greasy soils and
stubborn stains from hard surfaces, soft furnishings and carpets.

XtraClean offers users a cost-effective alternative to harsh cleaning chemicals and helps to maintain septic tanks and drains. 

XtraClean can be used on all hard surfaces, glazed ceramics, porcelain, chrome, plastic surfaces, walls, tiles, fixtures, toilets and surrounding areas, urinals, sinks, shower cubicles, carpets and upholstery.

Dilution ratio: 1:75 (XtraClean to Water Ratio)


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